Formula 1: Built to Win

Formula 1: Built to Win1990

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lvciano lvciano 23/10/2008 às 16:19 | guia / detonado / walktrough

                  _____                          _         _
                 |  ___|__  _ __ _ __ ___  _   _| | __ _  / |
                 | |_ / _ | '__| '_ ` _ | | | | |/ _` | | |
                 |  _| (_) | |  | | | | | | |_| | | (_| | | |
                 |_|  \___/|_|  |_| |_| |_|\__,_|_|\__,_| |_|                 
              ____        _ _ _     _         __        ___                   
             | __ ) _   _(_) | |_  | |_ ___         / (_)_ __              
             |  _ | | | | | | __| | __/ _    / / /| | '_              
             | |_) | |_| | | | |_  | || (_) |   V  V / | | | | |            
             |____/ \__,_|_|_|\__|  \__\___/     \_/\_/  |_|_| |_|            
This FAQ was made for the NES FAQ Completion Project. You could contribute to 
this yourself! Just check out Devin Morgan's web site about it:                                                       
T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
          1. - Controls..........................................F101
          2. - Races (Normal Mode)...............................F102
          3. - Shops.............................................F103
          4. - Driving Strategies................................F104
          5. - Cars..............................................F105
          6. - Car Parts.........................................F106
          7. - Tracks............................................F107
          8. - Disclaimer........................................F108         
Please Note - This whole FAQ has been designed for easy access. What does this
mean? It means you can easily find any section with the search feature of your
web browser. Simply press ctrl+f and a search box will pop up. Type in the code
to the section you would like to access. The code is F10# where the number is
the number to the section, it is also to the right in the Table of Contents.
Just hit search until you are brought to your desired section.
1. - C O N T R O L S                                                       F101
     Left  - Steer Left
     Right - Steer Right
     Up    - Nitro
     Down  - No Use
A      - Gas
B      - Brake
Start  - Pause
Select - Retire
2. - R A C E S   ( N O R M A L   M O D E )                                 F102
When you first start normal mode, you are given the Mini Cooper with the worst
parts possible and you have to race to earn money to upgrade your car to become
the best driver in the world. You will start off with a map of the United
States and have the option to race in several cities. This section will list
each event for each city. *Please note - The reward lists are for winning the
race, you will receive a smaller prize for a second or third place finish. Any
finish behind third will give you nothing.
City                Race Name                         Rank     Price   Reward
New York            Novice Race                        D         $0      $500
                    Big Apple Night                    D        $50     $1000
                    Niagara Cup                        D        $50     $1500
Detroit             Lakeside                           D        $50     $2000
                    Motor City                         D        $60     $3000
                    Knight of Night                    D       $100     $5000
Miami               Sea Breeze                         D       $100     $5000
                    Twilight Beach                     D       $200     $4000
                    Fantasy Dream                      C       $200     $8000
Yellowstone         Old Faithful                       C       $300     $6000
                    Deep Forest                        C       $300     $8000
                    Great Divide                       C       $500    $18000
Dallas              Hot Wind Run                       C       $500     $8000
                    Prairie Storm                      C       $500    $10000
                    Lone Star Run                      C       $600    $15000
Las Vegas           Million $ Night                    B       $600    $30000
                    Pleasure City                      B       $600    $40000
                    Gambler Run                        B         $0    $50000
Denver              Mile High Run                      B      $1000    $18000
                    Colorado Park                      B      $1000    $25000
                    Mountain Road                      B      $1200    $30000
San Francisco       Golden Gate Run                    B      $2000    $80000
                    Alcatraz                           A      $2000    $50000
                    Bay Circuit                        A      $3000    $50000
Los Angeles         Sunset Strip                       A      $3000    $50000
                    Laguna Beach                       A      $3000    $60000
                    Dragon Cup                         A      $4000   $100000
Hawaii              Paradise Island                    A      $4000    $80000
                    Volcano Bay                        A      $5000   $100000
                    Final Road                         A         $0       ***
***The Final Road is the International F1 Races. To see maps of the tracks,
check out the Tracks section of this FAQ (F107)
International F1 Races     Track                                         Reward
                        1  Brazil Grand Prix                            $200000
                        2  San Marino Grand Prix                        $200000
                        3  Monaco Circuit                               $200000
                        4  Mexico Grand Prix                            $200000
                        5  U.S.A. Grand Prix                            $200000
                        6  Canada Grand Prix                            $200000
                        7  France Grand Prix                            $200000
                        8  Great Britain Grand Prix                     $200000
                        9  West Germany Grand Prix                      $200000
                        10 Hungary Grand Prix                           $200000
                        11 Belgium Grand Prix                           $200000
                        12 Italy Grand Prix                             $200000
                        13 Portugal Grand Prix                          $200000
                        14 Spain Grand Prix                             $200000
                        15 Japan Grand Prix                             $200000
                        16 Australia Grand Prix                         $200000
If you win the whole series, not every race, just the total points series, then
you will simply get an ending screen showing that you are the best F-1 Driver
of all time.
3. - S H O P S                                                             F103
There are a couple of different shops throughout the game. In this section, I
will describe what each shop does and where they are located. Check the parts
section of this guide to see how each part can be upgrade. Also below the shop
details, I will list what each shop has to offer.
Parts Shop  - You can buy parts in these.
  Locations - New York, Miami, Yellowstone, Denver, Los Angeles, and Hawaii
         New York                                Miami
          Nitrous                                 Nitrous
          Tire                                    Tire
          Engine                                  Chassis
          Bumper                                  Turbo
          Chassis                                 Suspension
         Yellowstone                             Denver
          Nitrous                                 Nitrous
          Tire                                    Tire
          Engine                                  Bumper
          Brakes                                  Suspension
          Chassis                                 Turbo
         Los Angeles                             Hawaii
          Nitrous                                 Nitrous
          Tire                                    Tire
          Engine                                  Turbo
          Chassis                                 Brakes
          Suspension                              Engine
Speed Shop  - You can sell spare parts in these.
  Locations - Detroit and San Francisco
         Detroit                                 San Francisco
          Tire                                    Tire
          Engine                                  Engine
          Bumper                                  Turbo
          Chassis                                 Brakes
          Suspension                              Chassis
Casino      - You can try your luck at slot machines and possibly win some
              extra money.
  Locations - Las Vegas
As you enter the casino, you have the option of coin denomination. This means
whatever number you pick, 1, 10, or 1000 is how much money each coin is worth.
The higher the denomination the more money you can win or lose. If you hit A in
the slots screen you will insert a coin up to three coins. Each coin will buy a
different line. The first coin is the middle line, the second is the top, and
the third is the bottom. You have to have a row there. Press Down to pull the
handle. Press B to leave the casino. Below is a chart showing what you can win.
Seven Seven Seven                - 1000  Orange Orange Orange     - 10
Bar Bar Bar                      - 50    Cherry Cherry Anything   - 6
Bell Bell Belll                  - 30    Cherry Anything Anything - 2
Watermelon Watermelon Watermelon - 20    All     - Pays on All. This means if
Blue Fruit Blue Fruit Blue Fruit - 15      that it's basically a wild and can
                                           count as anything.
*Note that the cherries. don't need to be in order, so long as you have one or
two cherries on a line, you'll still win the coins.
Car Shop    - You can buy new vehicles in these.
  Locations - Dallas
     Mini Cooper       $8000
     Vector W2        $30000
     Ferrari F40     $200000
4. - D R I V I N G   S T R A T E G I E S                                   F104
Improving Ranks
 You will notice that you cannot buy all of the upgrades or cars from the start
 of the game even if you do have the money for it. To rank up, you have to win
 all of the races in that rank. So to start, to rank up from Rank D to Rank C,
 you have to finish all of the Rank D races and then you rank up.
Quick Cash
 If you want quick cash you have one of two options, race or try your luck at
 the casino. If you are actually using a NES instead of an emulator, I suggest
 just racing on the more expensive races. If you are using an emulator, go to
 the casino. Use a save state before you put any coins in and use the slots. If
 you lose, just load the save state you just made, if you win, just save a new
 save state. It makes the casino act like free money.
 The cars that you have to pass to actually advance in position are light blue.
 The green cars only seem to be in the game to get in your way. When you don't
 have a car that is much faster than the others, the green cars will try to
 block you. When you approach a green car, stay in the middle of the track and
 let them turn in front of you, then quickly turn to where they were. Be
 careful trying to pass the blue cars, they will try to block you and often
 times won't give up. Try to use your boost once you get to the side of them.
Sharp Turns
 Sharp turns are a pain in this game since the computer seems to be able to
 fly right through them. I recommend just trying to stay on the inside of every
 turn. The inside is the left side of the track for a left turn and vice versa
 for right turns. If you see your car start to shoot to the outside, hit the
 brakes until you don't slide anymore and then let go of both the gas and the
 brake. Just coast through the rest of the turn until it's not sharp anymore.
 If you don't brake, you will fly into the grass and possibly spin out. Even if
 you don't spin out, you'll be stuck in the grass driving at no more than 60mph
 until you fully exit the turn.
 You have a nitrous tank that can be recharged after every race at the parts
 shop. It is important to know when to use the nitrous. You should always use
 it when you are on a straight road that is clear. I generally save it as I
 approach other cars because you might hit them and you'll slow down and
 possibly spin out. Once you see a hole you can fit in to pass the car, then
 start to use your boost. Try not to boost around turns unless it's light
 turns. If you have to brake during the turn at all, it's not worth using some
 of your nitrous on.
Learning Each Track
 Sometimes you won't be able to catch up on tracks but after you get the hang
 of them, you'll be wondering why you were having problems before. You may
 waste some money on the entry fee but don't let a loss push you from finishing
 the game. Learning a track helps you take turns a lot better since you'll
 know when, where, and how much to brake for some turns. So if you fail, just
 try, try again.
 The easiest way to win a race that you have trouble at is always to make sure
 you have the best parts available. If you have an emulator, I suggest using
 the save state feature at the casino to rack up a lot of money to spend on
 parts. Always try to buy the best parts possible and buy extra tires because
 they wear out over time. I highly recommend refilling your nitrous tank after
 every race.
 The more grip your tires have, the quicker they wear out. The D Grip tires
 last forever and the A grip tires will only last one race. However, they have
 so much better grip that you should replace them after every race. If you have
 another pair of tires, just make sure you have a decent set before you enter
 each race by checking out the Car Check section.
Career Mode - F1 Racing
 I highly recommend saving as much money as possible before you enter the
 Formula 1 races. I highly recommend waiting until you have $1,000,000. To
 fully upgrade your Formula 1 car from the parts that you are given, you will
 need to spend $900,000. The reason I recommend having an extra $100,000 is for
 the nitrous refills after each race, trust me, you'll need them.
5. - C A R S                                                               F105
There are only four different vehicles you get to race with. In normal mode,
you obviously start with the slowest car and have towork your way up as you
race for money. This section will give you a quick run down of each car and
it's top speed.
Mini Cooper - 120mph
Vector W2   - 160mph
Ferrari F40 - 200mph
Formula 1   - 240mph
6. - C A R   P A R T S                                                     F106
In normal mode, you can upgrade your car as you race your way to the top. Once
you choose a location, you will come to a quick screen that lists Office, Parts
Shop, Car Check, and Save Game. These parts can all be bought in Parts Shop.
       _______________________________      _____________________________
      | TIRE           | GRIP | PRICE |    | ENGINE  | SPEED   |   PRICE |
      |----------------|------|-------|    |---------|---------|---------|
      | Radial         |   C  |   $50 |    | 4Cyl    | +100mph |   $1000 |
      | Belted Radial  |   B  |  $200 |    | V-6     | +120mph |   $2000 |
      | Slick          |   A  | $1000 |    | V-8     | +140mph |   $5000 |
      |________________|______|_______|    | V-12    | +160mph |  $30000 |
                                           | Turbine | +180mph | $100000 |
       _______________________________        __________________________
      | BUMPER         | STR | PRICE  |      | CHASSIS   | STR | PRICE  |
      |----------------|-----|--------|      |-----------|-----|--------|
      | Metal Bumper   |  C  |   $400 |      | Aluminium |  +1 |   $200 |
      | Shock Absorber |  B  |  $8000 |      | Metal     |  +2 |   $500 |
      | Memory Bumper  |  A  | $50000 |      | Duralumin |  +4 |  $3000 |
      |________________|_____|________|      |___________|_____|________|
       _______________________________      ______________________________
      | BRAKES       | BRAKE |  PRICE |    | TURBO       | ACCEL | PRICE  |
      |--------------|-------|--------|    |-------------|-------|--------|
      | Disk Brake   |   C   |   $800 |    | TURBO       |   C   |  $4000 |
      | 4W-Brake     |   B   |  $4000 |    | SUPER       |   B   | $10000 |
      | Antilock     |   A   | $10000 |    | IMPACT FLOW |   A   | $40000 |
      |______________|_______|________|    |_____________|_______|________|
      | SUSPENSION     | STEER | PRICE  |
      | Coil Dampened  |   C   |  $1000 |
      | Air Suspension |   B   |  $6000 |
      | Active Sus     |   A   | $60000 |
7. - T R A C K S                                                           F107
Brazil GP
                                                   aM   8MMM7                 
                                                   2M      rMMM8              
                                MMMMMMMMMM         SM          WMMMW          
                            rMMM8        MM        SM              M;         
                         ZMMM7           MM        SM              M:         
                     .MMMW              2M         SM              M:         
                  SMMMr                MM:         SM              M:         
                 MM,               7MMMS           SM              M:         
                MM              MMMM:              SM              aM         
               XM           XMMMZ                  2M               MMW       
               ;M        BMMM;                     SM                 MMS     
               ;M    8MMM8                          2MMMM,             iMM.   
               ;M   :M                                  SMMMa            8MM  
               ;M   .M                                     :MMMW.          MM;
               ;M    MM                                        ZMMMM        rM
               iM     MM                                           M7        MX
               WM      MMMS                       <---             Mi        MX
B@                                                                         2M8
aM                                                                      X8MM; 

San Marino GP
                                                                     SMM     Ma
                                                    0MMMMW         BMMi     XM
                                                  XMM.   2MMMMMMMMM8       rM:
                                                 aM                        M2 
                                                 :MW                      MW  
                                                   M@                    MM   
                                                   SM                   MM    
                                                   rMr                 WM     
                          2MMMMM                    iMMMM0            ZM      
                      .MMM@    Mr                        M           ;M;      
                   2MMMS       MM                       MM           MX       
                WMMM:           2MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMa           MB        
            ;MMMZ                                                  MM         
 MMMMM0  BMMMi                                                    MM          
iM   ,WMM0                                                       WM           
B8                                                              0M            
SM                                 --->                      iMMM.            

Monaco GP
                                                                0M         ,8M7
                                                                MM           MX
                                                                 MMMMWi    .M2
                                                                     ZM    M@ 
                                                                      M    MW 
                                                                      M    MW 
                                                                      M    MW 
                       ZMMMa                                          M:   MW 
      :MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM   @MMM,                                  8MMMM    MW 
   MMMMX                      XMMMX                             :MWi;    | M@ 
 rMM                             ,MMMM                          @M       | 0S 
 MS    :08                  S88      aMMMS                      BM      |/MM 
rM    MM80MM            .MMMM8@MMM      rMMMB                   BM       V MM 
8M   ZM    M;          MM@       XMMM8      BMMMr               @M         ;S 
ZM   SM    M,         MM            iMMMM,     7MMM8            :MW;;      MM 
ZM   SM    M,         M2                8MMMX      @MMMi          aMMMM    MW 
8@   7M    M:        ;M                    iMMMB      XMMM2           Mi   M@ 
7M:  MM    M;        SM                        BMMM;     .MMMM       MM    M@ 
 :MMMi   .MB        7M,                           ;MMM0      SMMMMMMMX    8M  
        .M2       .MMZ                                WMMM,              MM;  
         MM8.   aMM@                                     XMMMZ        0MMM    
           .@MMMS                                            XMMMMMMMMi       

Mexico GP
XMMZ,                 7MB                                                     
aM                     MM                                                     
,MM                   WMX                                                     
  MM             MMMMMMS                                                      
   MW           MM;                                                           
  ,M8           MM                                                            
  ,M8           aM0                                                           
  ,M8            2MMMMMM                                                      
  ,M8                 7MB                                                     
  ,M8                  MM                                                     
  ,M8                  @MX                                                    
  ,M8                   2MMMMMB                                               
  ,M8                        BMr                                              
  ,M8                        XM;      .MMM7                                   
  ,M8                        .MM.   WMMM2MMMM                                 
  ,M8                         ;0MMMMM2     SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW     
  ,M8                                                                 22MMM   
  ,M8                                                                    7MMM 
  ,M8                                                                      XM0
  ,M8                                                                       MM
  ,M8                                                                        M:
  ;M2                                                                       .M
   MMi                                                                      iM:
   :ZMMMMMX                                                                 MM
         MM:                                                               BM7
         0M                                                              BMMZ 
         ;MM                                           <---           MMMM@   

                                                              M:             :W
                                                              M2             S@
          MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                        M2             S@
          2M                        MM                        M2             S@
          SM                        MM                        Ma             S@
Za                                                                           S@
8W                                                                           S@
8W                                                                           S@
8W                                                                           S@
88                --->                              7Z:                      S@
                                    MM              M   .MMMM                X@
                                    MM              M       2MMM2            rW
                                    MM              M          iMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@
                                    MM              M                         
                                    MM              M                         

Canada GP
                    ZM                       ,MMM@                            
                    ZM                           ZMMMr                        
                    ZM                              iMMMM                     
                    aM                                  8MMMr                 
                    MM                                     7MMMZ              
          MMMMMMMMMMM                                          WMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
        MMX                                                                  MS
     rMM8                                                                    Mr
:MMMMM:                                                       iMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8
M;                                                         8MMMr              
M             <---                                     ;MMMW.                 
M          MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMi                   MMMMMMMMMM2                     
M         MM             7M                .MM7                               
M         M8             :M.             7MMB                                 
M    ;MMMMa               2MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMi                                   
M    MS                                                                       
Ma   M:                                                                       

France GP
                                                    80MMMMMM:i     ;MMr       
                                            :rZMMMMMWa;              XMM      
                                       MMMMMMM@          @MMMM,        @MM    
                               iBMMMMMMa.               8M   8M          MMZ  
                        rrMMMMMM22                      8M   XM           iMM 
                  XMMMMMMMS                             ZM   XM             MM
           0WMMMMMM:,                                   aM   XM              M
   i2BMMMMM0Xi                                          MM   2M              M
 MMMB0                                    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMW     MB            MM
BM                                       MB                   iMW          @M.
ZM                                       Ma                     MMBS    2@MM  
 0MMMM                                   MZ                       ZMMMMMWa    
     MM                                  M8                                   
     MM                       <---       MS                                   

Great Britain GP
                               MMMMX     MMM                                  
                           7MMM@.         iMM8                                
                        BMMMX               XMM.                              
  SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW:                    BMM                             
 MM                                             MMM                           
 M                                               ,MMMMMMM                     
 M                                                    7XBMMMMMM;i,            
 M                                                            2MMMMMMZ8r      
 M                                                                  :WWMMMMi  
 M                                                                        @MM 
 M                                                                          MZ
 M                                                                          ;M
 7/^                                                                       :M
 M |                                                                        MM
 M |                                                                       MM 
 W                                                                       WMM: 
:M,                                                                    7MM;   
  MMMMZ                                   :MM@                      MMM       
                                            iMM7                  ZMM         
                                              2MMi              rMM7          
                                                MMM            MMW            
                                                  MM8        @MM              
West Germany GP
                    ;7ZMMMMMMMMMMMB   SMMMMMMS7:                              
              ZMMMMMMZ2           MMMMM      ZZMMMMMMX                        
      rZ0MMMMMM .                                   iMMMMMMZ8.                
  WMMMM@@                                                 i@@MMMMM;           
:M2.                                                            :rMMMM        
ZM                                                                   MMB      
aM      iiiiiiii                                                      :Mr     
ZM    MMMMMMMMMMMW                                                     MM     
XM   rM         .M.                                                    :M     
Z    :M         ,M                                                     ;M     
MM/^SMMMMMMM   :M                                                     aMMMMM@
aM |       MM   :M                                                           M;
7@ |       MM   :M                                                           Mr
ZM         MM   :M                                                          SM
aM         MM   :M                                                          MM
ZM         MM   ;M                                                        WMM 
,MBS     SMMr    MMS                                                   SMMMM7  

Hungary Grand Prix
                             ,@MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8                  a@MMMZ
                           MMM.                      @M                MM    MZ
                         ZMM:                        BM                MM    M8
             .MMMMMMMMMMMMS                          ;M8               MM    MZ
            MM2r7777777i                              7M0              MM    MZ
           ;M                                          XMMS            MM    MZ
           ,M,                                           0MM.          MM    MZ
           ,M,                                             MMM         MM    MZ
           ,M,                                              :MMZ       MM    MZ
           .Mi                                                2MM;     MM    MZ
           MM                                                   ZMMMMMMMi    MZ
          MM.                                                      7XXi      M0
        ZMM:                                                                 2:
      BMMa                                                                  |MM
,MMMMMB.                                                         0MMMMMM    |MM
@8                                                             MMM,    MM   V Z
Mr                                                           WMM       MM    Ma
M7                                                         XMM;        MM    M8
M7                                                       ,MM0          MM    MZ
M7                                                      MMM            MM    MZ
M7                                                   7MMM,             MM    MZ
M7       BMMr                                                          MM    M8
M;     XMMr                                                            MM    M0
,MW@@MM0i                                                               MMW@@M

Belgium Grand Prix
                                  MMB.                                  MM    
           7MMMMM;   .MMMMM2    WMM                                     MM    
 0MMMMMMMMMM.   ;MMMMM7   .MMMMM8                                        MMMMW
ZM                                                                           MB
B@        <--                                                                X@
               @M         M@             r0MM2             8MM0i        MM   S@
               ;M         M;                :MM           MM.           MM   2M
                MMMMMMMMMMM                   Mr         ZM              MMMMM.
                                              XM         M;                   
                                              iM         M.                   
                                              iM         MM                   
                                              iM          MM                  
                                              iM           WMM                
                                              iM             MM               
                                              iM              MZ              
                                              ;M              M8              
                                              7M;         :MMMM               
                                               MM        MMr;                 
                                                MMW      M,                   
Italy Grand Prix
M                 MMS                                                         
M                  XMi                                                        
M                   WM                                                        
M                    MM                                                       
M                     MM                                                      
ZMMMM2                 MM                                                     
    ,Ma                ,MZ                                                    
     MW                 :M2                                                   
     MB                  2M:                                                  
     MB                   8M                                                  
     MB                    MM                                                 
     MB                    ;MMX2222222Xr                                      
     MB                      XMMMMMMMMMMM:                                    
     MB                                 ZMM                                   
     MB                                   MMM                                 
     MB                                    :MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
     MB                                                                      BW
     M0                                                                      BB
     @M                                                                      M
      MM                                                                    MM
       MMM             @MMM:                      <---                    MMM 
Portugal Grand Prix
                                           ZMMM;     XMM                      
                                        MMMM.          @MM                    
                                    .MMM2                MMZ                  
                                    M@                    rMM:                
                                    MM                      8MZ               
rMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:                    M0                      .Mr              
M.             WM                    iMMi                     MM              
M              BM                      :MMM0                  MM              
M             rM:                          WMMM               MM              
M            WMS            S0                XMMM2           MM              
M          2MM           ZMMM@MMM:               XMM          MM              
M         ,Mr        ,MMMW      aMMMX              MM          WMMMMMMMMMMW   
M         MM      XMMMS            iMMM8            M:                   ;8MM 
M         MM   @MMM:                   BMMM,        M:                      MM
M          MMMMB                          XMMMMMMMMM8                        MZ
M                                                                             M
M                                                                             M
M                                                                            M8
M                                                                           iM
M                                    <--                                  MMX
Spain Grand Prix
 BMMMMMWX                                       8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWS       
ZM     ZM@                                  MMMM@:                   ZMM      
BM     2M0                              8MMMM2:                      XMM      
0M     rMM.                         iZMMM@2                          aM@      
0M      @MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                              aM@      
0M                                                                   aM@      
0M                                                                   aMW      
B@                                                                   BM8      
iMM2                               <---                              BMMXSS. 
                                                             iMM             @0
                                                              MM             WW
                                                             ZMZ             @W
                               iMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM              @W
                            2MMMM.                                           @W
                          ,MMMr                                              @W
                         BMM2                                                @W
                       SMM@             raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaS               @W
                     ;MMM,          ,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMr,           @W
                    MMMS          2MMM,,                      .0MMM          @W
                  0MM8          iMMMi                            BMMZ        BW
                 MMM           .MM7                               .MMMWS    ;Ma
                MM7            .MM                                   ZMMMMMMMM;
               MMX            ;MM                                             
               MMi            .MM                                             
               MMr            .MM                                             
               MMr            .MM                                             
               MMr            .MM                                             
               MMr            .MM                                             
               MM,             MM                                             
               2MW            0MZ                                             
Australia GP
                                          7MM,       MMX                      
                                        7MM .MM.   MM; MM2                    
                                       MM;    ZMMMM8    iMM.                  
                                     MM8        @M        2MM                 
                                   8MM                      MMW               
                                 ;MM.                         MMX             
                                MMX                            rMM            
                         MMMMMMMW                                0MMMMMMM     
                       @MM                                              MMM   
          -->        XMM                                                  MMZ 
:MMMMMMMMMMMZMMMMMMMMMr                                                    :MM.
M.                                                                           7M
M                                                                             8
0MMM7      XMMMMMMMMX                                                       WM8
   7MMM8WMMM:       MX                                                    XMM 
       W8           M0                                                  .MMi  
               .MMMMM                                                  MM8    
               M8                                                    BMM      
               Mr                                                  XMM        
8. - D I S C L A I M E R                                                   F108
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted © 2008 to Frank Grochowski. International 
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this             
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this           
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
to download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
web site as long as you give me full credit, don't change it in any way, and it
is free. The latest version will always be found at:                          

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lvciano lvciano 23/10/2008 às 16:09 | código secreto

Formula One: Built to Win - Game genie

SXUIXEVK         Infinite nitro
ATKSXAAZ        Better nitro
AAVSOAZA        Psycho speed!
ATNUVUSZ        Items cost nothing
ATNUVUSZ + ATVUKLST     Items for free

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